Friday, November 29, 2013

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I mourn the passing of a number of honest to god visionaries at times! Mark Twain, Lenny Bruce, and George Carling, to name a few. Observers of the human condition with the kind of insightful honesty to cut right through the bullshit. The greatest part of that being the recognition that the vast majority of people are dull, brutish creatures whose only real concern is being able to beat the next dumb brute out of a seat closer to the communal fire.
The mania of "Black Friday" in the United States is a prime example of this. An event that has become a yearly ritual in which hordes of people give up any semblance of civilized behavior to camp out in the most horrid conditions like some vast army laying siege to a rich and desirable temple. All this in hopes of surviving the stampede to be first through the gates and secure the best treasure. They are prepared to defend their booty or even to fight others for what they perceive they are most rightfully entitled to. Plans of attack are formulated, families are divided into operational detachments, and communication devices are charged and checked. Forces are rousted from their slumber at the most ungodly hours, because, let's face it, if god didn't intend us to prevail over others, he wouldn't have allowed us to place our trust in Him as is evidenced by the slogan on our currency - "In God We Trust", the holy mantra of consumerism.
Unfortunate as it may seem, a dull witted, greedy, stupid citizenry can commit some of the most dull witted, greedy, and stupid acts when they feel someone might get a leg up on them in this world. And that's how the commercial interests manage to get so much control. They repeat over and over that you don't want to miss out. That these offers will never be seen again. These are the things that everyone else wants, this year. All the while moaning that Joe Bologna isn't spending enough for the corporations to best last year's record profits. Then they'll roll it all out again next year, while you're still paying off the last round of purchases.
How did I spend "Black Friday"? I went to a zoo with my granddaughter. You know, a place where the residents are expected to act like what they are, animals. How many of you braved the malls and big box stores? How many of you did it yesterday on what was supposed to be a national day of joining with family and friends and reflecting on the things that represent lasting and meaningful parts of our lives? Or did you spend the day battling overwhelmed Internet connections so you could get that latest gaming console? You know, the one that lets Junior practice at and become totally numb to murdering thousands of creatures and humans in the course of an evening. Nothing new there though, really. The Romans prepared their population to accept indiscriminate bloodshed the same way. It was called gladiatorial games. Isn't it good to think you've come so far?
Happy Holidays from your Uncle Dane.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write. While you still remember how!
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