Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 325 of the 365 Days of Blogging

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What brought this on? Well, it was as simple as one of those little blurbs you see on Facebook. An observation about some poor bastard suffering from terminal consumerism who had been camping out in front of his local big box electronics store for the last several days...just so he could be first in line for the Thanksgiving weekend sales. Really?
As a nation we have lost our collective f***ing minds! The ultra-rich are practicing extortion in the disguise of record breaking tax reductions. The middle and lower income brackets' real buying power slips further behind daily. The radical right daily exhibits that paranoia is the guiding force in their approach to governance and not any policy founded in reality. While everyday people still feel the need to spend themselves into the poor house so that others can measure how well they're loved by comparing the status symbols that misguided form of indenture provides them.
Maybe I'm a little old fashioned, but if we'd stop giving incentives to billionaires who are shipping our jobs overseas, told those who have benefited the most through the millions they've made that it was time they pulled their proportionate weight, and remembered that being thankful means for the love and kindness we have in our lives and not for the trinkets and gadgets we wish someone else would bust their ass to fill them with...Well, this might return to being a country of incredible promise, instead of one floundering in egocentric divisiveness. A land where we can recall that our entire history is one of shifting demographics with a Constitution meant to apply to ALL THE PEOPLE, ALL THE TIME and not just when one faction or another finds it convenient. The latitude represented in that document was imperfect enough to have required several adjustments over the time it has been in force, but in that imperfection, it has always been viewed by the rest of the world as a pretty remarkable bit of work and an ispiration for this nation to stand and work together. (And if you've never read that particular treatise as it was conceived by the original statesmen of this nation, I suggest you do so. At NO time are Christ, Christianity, or Christian beliefs mentioned. So stop the specious rhetoric, please.)
So, take the time tomorrow to share the company of your families and be thankful you have them. Be thankful there are young men and women in this nation with enough altruism to follow their hearts and make sacrifices for their fellow man, whether on the front line or on the soup line. If you have a roof over your head, food in your belly, and somebody's love in your life, take just a moment before rushing out to a sale to be grateful, for just that moment, that you didn't sleep under a bridge last night.
Just a helpful hint from your Uncle Dane.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write.
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