Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 306 of the 365 Days of Blogging

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Dane F. Baylis


My reading last night went very well. There was decent attendance. The comments and critique were all favorable. I sold about a quarter of the issue of my new chapbook to this first audience. Most of all, I felt good about my performance. All in all, a very satisfactory evening.
The performance was recorded, something I wasn't sure was going to happen beforehand, so I didn't mention it. As soon as I have a URL to point you to, I will let you know where to see the portions that get posted. I'm really looking forward to seeing it myself, although there's always that thing about being hyper-critical of your own appearance, isn't there?
It's nice to have the run-up to that first night over. Now I can concentrate on finding more dates in other venues. That, and putting time into the present fiction project, while trying to find more time for preliminaries on the next chapbook should keep me busy for a while!
Tonight though, I'm kicking back a bit. I'm reading Sol Stein's book, STEIN ON WRITING, to broaden my craft, and I want to finish re-reading Andre Gide's, THE SCHOOL FOR WIVES. I'd say the second is just for entertainment, but that seems to have gone by the way as I've grown more serious about my writing. I've also downloaded a really terrific reading list for the literate student and have to see how many of the selections I can find for Kindle or order from Amazon.

It never seems to end...Thank goodness.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write. You are who you strive to become.
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