Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 301 of the 365 Days of Blogging

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So I just finished my first for real Writer's Conference. Two days of speakers, panels, practical exercises, and way more information than I was even near capable of absorbing. I now have a yellow pad full of notes to run through and sort out. There was a ton of great suggestions and ideas, but right now I just want to lay back for the evening and chill with a bowl of popcorn.
The rest of this week will be consumed with getting ready for my featured reading on Thursday night. I'm still working out the list of poems I'll be reading that night. All of it will be from my new chapbook, SELF INFLICTED, that I'm releasing on the same day. I'll be offering a number of them on-line as soon as I figure the PayPal thing out. There's just so much I want to get done, but the writing, as always, is the priority.

As I said yesterday, an agent expressed an interest in the novel I have in the works, so I think I'll be shifting my writing focus to that project for a while. I'm also looking at what it's going to take to make some significant changes to this blog and how I've been operating it. Everything in its time, though. For now, making it through Thursday is the main focus.

If you are a budding writer of whatever form, be it fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or some other derivative, I would highly recommend you find a writer's conference to attend. Why I put it off for so long, I'll never know. The camaraderie alone, spending a couple of days with people of all skill levels, but one passion, is worth the expense. Start small and as near home as you can to reduce costs. Take an open mind and a sharp pencil and ask all the questions you can think of. There were things brought up over the last couple of days that I can implement almost immediately and some that are long range in nature. None of it was wasted, all of it had some application, and, as a boost to my own image of myself in this game and the possibilities, it was PRICELESS!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write.

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