Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 307 of the 365 Days of Blogging

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Thursday night I did a featured reading in Ventura, CA. Tonight I went up to Santa Barbara, about 45 minutes up the coast, to do a turn at the open mic portion of a program sponsored by the Grenada Community Bookstore and hosted by a woman by the name of Sojourner. I was supposed to meet with a fellow poet and videographer, F. Albert Salinas, who did the taping of the reading in Ventura, and a young poet he's been mentoring. The young guy couldn't make it but, much to my surprise, Albert promoted a split bill with him and me in February at the bookstore.
I was hoping to make a contact up there, but this is mash potatoes and gravy! Tuesday I hope to make it down to the Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park to try to promote some action in that area of the San Fernando Valley. I'm banking on having done one very recent reading, with another in the not too distant future, as being a selling point.
Then there was further news of a possible look at a young poet's work for consideration by my publishing imprint. I made no commitments to anyone on that one. I have tied my name and reputation to that branding and I want to maintain a high standard when it comes to the projects I agree to take on. I don't want to be just another, "Bring me the money, I'll print you a book" venture. I'm looking towards making contacts with the independent booksellers in the U.S. and I want them to know they are going to receive a quality product that will be attractive and saleable.
In the meantime, several copies of my chapbook went out in the mail today, bringing over a third of the first run out the door. If I can maintain this, I can easily see a second printing in the future. If so, I will purchase a block of ISBN's and try flogging the thing on consignment locally. So many details, so much work, with more reward than I'd anticipated. Just have to make sure I pace myself and keep it all in perspective.
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