Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 319 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author/publisher,
Dane F. Baylis




When you work 40+ hours a week, study in your spare time, and try to preserve a little of what's left for writing, the ring of the telephone can be the last thing you need. Tonight was one of those times, and I was tempted, after seeing the caller ID, to just let the machine have it, but, every so often, I lose my grip on reality.
Unfortunately, the person on the other end of the line has an even more tenuous grip on the real than yours truly. An hour of psycho-babble later and I hung up feeling like I had just finished a long conversation with Hannibal Lechter. I didn't know if what I was feeling was reactive or unproductive, but biting the heads off gerbils almost made sense, in a tilted sort of way. All of this while trying to get time to fulfill my blogging commitment for the day, rewrite a poem for tonight's gathering of budding bards, and contemplating whether dinner would fit in there somewhere.
Well, the blog is done. Or at least what will pass for one this evening. I could have sat right down in the wacky wagon and taken the ride with my caller, but, after hanging up, I took a deep breath and realized I had a wealth of material for my creative side to utilize. I guess what I'm saying is that old saw about, "When the world hands you lemons, get some salt and tequila and make the best of it!"
Yes, it was a delay (I won't say intrusion because the other person really needed someone to talk to tonight), and maybe I'm a little behind, but the truth is, as long as I have the time to get something down, I'm better off than that person. It's not about everything being perfect. It's about things finding their moment in my daily routine, and my routine is solid enough it can sustain an occasional bent fender. That's what the whole writing thing's about, developing the perspective to be able to look at the world and its intrusions as a really weird source of material.
Remember, what goes in the notebook doesn't necessarily stay in the notebook.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write down everyone's dirty little secret.
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