Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 308 of the 365 Days of Blogging

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It's time to batten down the hatches. You know, sit down, hang on, and shut up! Having managed to survive getting my first chapbook off the ground and starting my own publishing imprint, what's next? I guess I could sit back for a while and take a breather - but why? After a sustained period of self-imposed dormancy, I was sure I would be a nobody in a foreign landscape. Instead, I found I've been immediately embraced by familiar people and finding a quick acceptance among the newer acquaintances I'm making. How is this happening?
First of all, I was never really one hundred percent comatose. My life has been one of exploration and learning. Rock climbing in places others had never tried. Learning to fly a plane and attaining a pilot's license. Constantly trying to improve my craft as a writer and artist and to broaden my knowledge by exposing myself to new avenues and expressions. Now I'm buckling down for a run at a novel and I'm amazed that, even though I have no idea what my ability in that arena will finally be, I have already stirred some interest from the publishing professionals I've encountered.
If I had to offer some advice to aspiring young talent, it would be, "Never stop striving." Don't fall in to the trend, do something different. You may become the trend. Buck your own fears and the negative self-talk. You can do anything if you force yourself to invest real sweat equity. Never stop learning, improving, or questioning whether what you have done is your best. If you are honest in your assessment, you will realize that each step forward leads to the next step to be made. Don't worry about the damned destination, it's the journey that matters. Finally, don't be in such a rush. It takes time to become good at anything. If what you put out now is sloppy and amateurish, you will fight against that image for a long time. There is even a possibility that you will never overcome such a first impression. Make sure that what you release on the world is the very best you are capable of, and not by your own ego-driven measure.
In closing, just remember, the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary, and it falls in between shit and syphilis. Just a thought.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write.
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