Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The author, Dane F. Baylis

Day 3 Blogging 365 Challenge

What Will I Be Doing To Market Myself?


This topic is one of the more intimidating for me being as I have just recently resumed an active writing life. Of course, I will be on this blog as much as possible. In that vein I am opening up a new page to attract other writer's and give them an outlet for their work. It's the kharma thing. What goes around hopefully comes around.

Second is my participation in a very active writer's club locally and attendance at workshops and conferences and participating in contests. That and culling the best of what I encounter on the internet and passing it on in the belief that helping others is just another way to help myself.

Third I will be sending out those queries and proposals and trying to get articles, stories, and poetry published.

So for now live, love, write.

Dane F. Baylis


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