Friday, January 4, 2013

The author, Dane F. Baylis

Answering The Bell!

Tonight has that familiar feel. A remembrance of sitting on a stool in the corner. Trying to catch my breath. Trying to hear the encouraging words. Trying to formulate the next moves. That is what finding out that I probably am not among the three winners of a local short fiction contest feels like right now.
It takes away my wind for a minute. It has me flat footed and dazed, trying to cover up those vulnerable parts of my ego long enough to clear my head. I want to do the 'what happened?' and 'what ifs?' but that won't keep me going. So I stagger back to my corner and sweat for a few moments and attempt to disguise any fear the blow might have awakened and call on my reserves.
The only answer is stay sharp. If my original plan didn't work then I need to look for a new approach. Maybe I was too finessed? So this time I'll wade right in. Or if I sacrificed craft for brutality perhaps I should call on all the tricks and generalship I can muster? No matter what, I'm coming back out to win. There are always other venues and challenges. It comes from the samurai belief, "Three times down. Four times up."
In the meantime I've posted a couple of new poems on the "My Work/My Love" page and I have another short fiction piece out to a trusted editor, another story is in its second draft and the notes for a novel are coming together. Perhaps I'm just too stupid to lay down for the count?
As always, I appreciate any time you spend here and welcome you to comment, follow or subscribe and promise not to leave you waiting for a response to any thing you wish to post.
Happy New Year,
Dane F. Baylis 

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