Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 8 of the 365 Days of Blogging Challenge

The author, Dane F. Baylis

Thoughts On Winter

This one is actually pretty funny. Here I am a transplanted New Englander living just northwest of La La Land and simply cracking up at most of what I see around me this time of year. It reached the mid fifties today in this area and I watched as people went about their business dressed as if the next Ice Age was just around the corner. Bluejeans with leggings and jackets over vests over hoodies over flannel shirts over thermal underwear. Gloves that would keep a snow mobiler's entire arm warm and lets not forget bulky knit caps WITH ear flaps!
On the other end of extreme cool weather fashion are the young women in knee high, fur lined, high heeled boots, just barely to the belt line faux-fur coats with enough trim on the collar and ubiquitous hood to do an Inuit parka justice and butt hugger short-shorts. There they are, standing huddled together waiting for a light to change practically doubled over from shivering BUT at least they look good in goose bumps. Hope they've had their flu shots!
I so miss the times I could look out at snow falling thick and fast and throw on a sweater and jacket, jeans and a cap and tromp off into a woodland where you could actually hear the soft crashing of huge snowflakes against skeletal branches. Watching Chickadees performing their fascinating acrobatics through bull briers as they searched for food. Or just walking through the neighborhood during a chilly night time snow fall. The illuminated oasis under streetlamps that gave way to blurred and disappearing scenery. The only foot prints your own as you shuffled through ankle deep snow.
Or walking across the wide expanse of a frozen lake to visit a small island that was a muscle fatiguing swim away in the hot months. Maybe starting a small camp fire by the edge of that same lake to warm up in between periods in pick-up hockey games. Or the look of fresh snow as it settles on auburn red hair and the way the cold air seemed to heighten the color of gorgeous blue eyes.
What are my thoughts on winter? Just that I'm going to have to take a weekend soon and drive out to the Sierras and visit the season. Go and get my chilly fix of the real opposite of summer.
Remember to live, love, write.
Dane F. Baylis 

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