Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 6 of the 365 Days of Blogging Challenge

The author, Dane F. Baylis

What Do You Think About Series Books?

Actually, these were like my television when I was In my teens and early twenties and still offer a lot of good escapist fare. I read the complete Hardy Boys library and roamed the red planet with John Carter On Mars  and Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes left me wishing I could develop Holmes deductive insight. Many a night was consumed with Conan the Barbarian (Crom!) and James. James Bond, Ian Flemings alter ego.

Yes I moved on to Kerouac and Corso, Joyce and Frost, I drowned in the philosophy of Sartre and Proust and have read Nietzsche and Kant. I return perennially to Victor Hugo and find Twain as fresh now as I did at first reading. But it was these series that fueled my early thirsts for prose and it is to those writers who seized an adolescent heart and transported it outside of mundane day to day things that I am forever grateful.

Series have an important position in the fiction and non-fiction arenas. They offer readers familiar characters and ongoing story lines. Because of their creators abilities to build worlds and plots that evolve and still fit comfortably after several installments they attract an audience year after year. Yes, there are stellar talents out there who generate long histories of one off works and my hat goes off to them. But for me, I have discovered that taking a character and finding new and engaging fictions to wrap them in is as much a challenge, if not more at times.

You'll notice in my banner that I have opened the "Your Work, Your Love" page. This is for any of my visitors who would like to have me publish some of their work. Let's face it, even I don't like reading my own stuff all the time. I'm soliciting short/short fiction (1200-1500 word max.) and poetry to 25 lines in any genre or style. I and a couple of other writers I associate with will review and make selections from any submissions. No, there is no payment, this is for the glory and exposure. Please use the comment form below for this purpose or to leave any comments, critiques or just to say hi.

On the right margin of my main page you can find links to my followers gadget or to subscribe to an rss feed. I believe you can also subscribe by e-mail. I can also be found on Google + and Facebook. I appreciate anyone taking the time for any of this as it helps to get my ratings up and increases my visibility.

If you're considering an on-line critiquing group check out these posts by RJ Blain, Writing Workshop: Book Country and Writing Workshop: Critique Circle, both are well written and offer a tremendous amount of information for these two sites.

So, as always, thanks to any and all visitors. Leave me a message and let me know how I'm doing.

Remember to live, love and write!

Dane F. Baylis.

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