Friday, January 11, 2013

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The author, Dane F. Baylis

Talk About A New Work In Progress

This is going to be rough because it's something I am in the early stages of and it is literally the first novel length fiction I have seriously sat down to. That being said, I have a background that will inform much of what gets written and a knack for dialogue and action that should serve well. Without further horn blowing and gong beating here it is.
I have in development a novel length techno-thriller tentatively entitled "Resist". It is set a few years in the future in the U.S. where, driven by the excesses of a corporate backed conservative government, a protest movement has evolved into an armed resistance. The conventional military is perennially entangled in the never ending war on terror so the opportunity is used to bring a private military corporation (PMC) to bear to suppress the nascent rebellion.
My lead, an integral member of the PMC, finds himself in this cauldron and, after being injured by a roadside IED, is lionized by the far right and their minions in the government who see him as a hero to rally the people behind. He rises swiftly and is groomed by the chief of staff of the Liberty Tree party's Speaker of the House. She cultivates and encourages this American version of Reinhardt Heydrich's emotional attachment and maneuvers him in the halls of power as a possible successor to her boss.
But the rebellion and its leaders may not be the enemy our lead has been led to believe. When his girlfriend, Corey Llewellyn, is abducted and mysteriously released, what she imparts to him may cost them both their lives.
I hope to have this completed by May or June and am currently looking for an editor to help me with the project and, of course, representation and an outlet for the finished product.  

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