Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The author, Dane F. Baylis

So The First Prompt to the 365 Day Challenge is : "What Are My Writing Goals for 2013?"


My goals are a resurrection. It has been sometime since I have actively pursued my writing dream. So for 2013 the goal is to write...write...and then write some more. I already have short stories of varying lengths in several stages. Some are out the door, others in 2d and 3d draft, some are notes and ideas in my files. I have an idea for a novel length techno-thriller I am working on and  I think I can have somewhere near done by May or June. Poetry still happens and continues to be a medium I pursue with zest.


On top of all of this throw in a real desire to sharpen my craft. To this end I am reading everything availble on fiction writing and, as the funds become available, I am planning attendance at some near by conferences. I am casting about for a critique group and reading everything I have time for on-line.


Name recognition is another pursuit. This blog, a Google + account, Facebook (even though I am told it is soooo 2009). Add to that a desire to offer other writer's a chance to publish some of their work to a new page on Dane Baylis Undeterred that I will be launching this week.


Gawd! I think I'm tired already! (LOL)


Dane F. Baylis

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