Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 19 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis

Share A Social Media Tip

Well, I guess my most relevant tip is realize what it is you want to accomplish as far as your use of social media. Once you have a clear idea what that is, stay on track. Even if you're trying to make a name and garner a little recognition for some aspect of your artistic or business life, it is really easy to wander off into the socializing part of the entire experience and forget, or at least become really scattered about, why you initially came here. If you're in it purely for socialization try to remember that there may be times when you're trying to get some one's attention and they might seem distracted at that moment. Odds are they're not snubbing you but simply concentrating on their product. 
For myself this whole thing is about becoming active once more in the arts community and having my work exposed and published. As my main focus is the written word I have attempted to make contact in the writer's communities on Google + and among more experienced on-line personalities such as Rainy Kaye. I have also posted some of my work in entirety or as excerpts while making sure that this blog has a professional but personable style. I occasionally post an original photograph or re-post something I find interesting or amusing on facebook or Google + but those are just a way of adding visual interest.
Even when working on the daily prompt for the 365 Days of Blogging I try to keep in mind that this is an example of who I am personally AND professionally. So it is always part of my intention to make these pages pertinent, personal, and entertaining. Then again I have been told that I have the focus of a pit bull on a pork chop once I've made up my mind to accomplish something so if at times I seem a tad pedantic, bear with me, it's not the destination but the journey that's important.
As always, comments, critique, or questions are always welcome. Feel free to follow or subscribe. Gadgets for that are on the right margin. Always looking for short fiction to 1200 words, poetry to 25 lines and carefully thought out essays for the Your work/Your Love page. It's an exposure only deal. You retain all rights and I make no other use of your work.
Dane F. Baylis

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