Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The author, Dane F. Baylis

I So Love Challenges

I was scanning my feeds yesterday when I noticed a challenge. It came by way of Rainy of the Dark from one Kharisma Rhayne (be advised that some of the content on the site is definitely for a mature audience). The challenge is simple enough...Blog everyday for the next 365 days. Something that would seem pretty easy but then how many of us set goals for ourselves and down the line we're going, "What the heck happened with that?"

Anyway, I figure I'll give it a try. I can always regard it as an unresolution, seeing as I'm just getting started. That also means that I'll have to continue for a week into next year if I make it, so to help make this more interesting for any of you who visit my site I'm contemplating opening a new page. The object would be to provide space for some of my readers to have their work posted. As you've probably noticed from mine I swing between the gritty, slice of life style to more structured and influenced work but I'm open to anything.

Submissions should be sent to this site and I will review them. I've had a handy bit of editorial experience in the past with small journals in Southern California, you should take in to consideration though that anything that finally gets posted will be subjective. I am hoping for quality and would like to see fiction of the short/short length (under 1200 words) and poetry of any style and limited to 25 lines.

If this would be something that would interest you then let me know and as always I would appreciate any comments or critiques directed towards this site and its content. You can contact me using the form below. If you'd like to follow or subscribe then rest your cursor on the right side of the page and the appropriate tools will appear. I can also be found on Facebook and Google +.

Keep writing!

Dane F. Baylis

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