Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 79 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis

Select One Of My Favorite TV Shows...?

Spoiler alert! There is no such thing as one of my favorite TV shows...

At least not the regurgitated crap that passes for enterntainment on Network TV. Anybody's Network.


The object is supposed to be to describe what I would have done differently or how I would have continued a series past or present. Initially, I'll go on record this way...I watch the news, mostly, and have through most of my life. If I was drawn at all to today's mediocre fare or, worse yet, tempted to relive yesterday's innocuous offerings there is little I would change and nothing I would continue. I had a favorite or two and having them live out their lives and fade from view is alright with me.
What would I do with, or to, those less than inspired productions marching relentlessly before me today? I guess I might write letters and make telephone calls to various dignitaries and opinion makers. I doubt that would change the steady trudge of so much shocking banality.
I tune in from time to time to the talking heads. I try to give both sides of the cultural divide equal time - Really a dismal effort I'm afraid - The conservative voices are busy drumming their, "the liberals are all Nazi's", propaganda, until I have to walk away. First of all, what they're spitting into their microphones is only wrong in that they never take ownership of the bile and indignity that they want to hang on anyone holding a different position from their's. Next, it all seems intriguingly comparable to those fascist societies they use as examples. 
Then there are liberals, who've adopted an all too smarmy and smug stance for me to take seriously their messages spoon fed to an audience with a shovel. Never underestimate the cunning of religious inspiration is my motto. Their way of hammering at the gates until they have broken in, constructing pyres on which to redeem heretics, is legendary.
I watch documentaries. Those produced by people who have done serious scholarship into facts and figures and causality...Not money grubbers who insist on making a buck off the lunatic fringe and conspiracy theorists. Conspiracy? We don't need no stinking conspiracies! Reality is scary enough, isn't it?
The only real change I'd make in television?...Turn it off!
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In the meantime...live, love, write.
Dane F. Baylis

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