Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 77 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis

Do I Do Any Crafts?

(All Right, Is This Where We Talk About The Ashtray We Made In Occupational Therapy?)

Well, it was really a stash pouch and the only reason I took the time out of a really deep depression to do that much was to keep from losing my flipping mind altogether. Go ahead, balance that against what you've read in this blog so far and ask yourself, "Is he kidding?" I'll leave that up to you to figure out.
I've had a number of crafts. Thanks to a pretty well set up shop in the garage here I've designed and built furniture, done quite a bit of home remodelling and even restored and modified electric guitars and tube driven amplifiers. That last one is definitely one of those that falls in to the category, if you don't have the experience working around potentially deadly levels of voltage, don't try it at home!
I built a loft bed for my daughter when she was younger, which inspired her to provide the same arrangement fot her daughter. I've entered pieces of all descriptions in various competitions...and won. I've even managed to get some pretty sweet sounds out of stock musical instruments and amps.
My main diversion these days is the art of Bonsai or miniature plant cultivation. I have a number of species in various stages of development. I have Hinokai Cypress, Bald Cypress, Recumbent Juniper, Japanese Boxwood, Ficus Benjamina, and Apricot. I belong to a local Bonsai club which meets at the Buddhist Temple I am a member of. (Bet you didn't see that coming!)
There have been any number of others along the way. Some that were just passing attempts and others that I stuck with for some time. My wife and I raise and can vegetables and jams. (We make a mean tomato/mango chutney and a tomato/basil simmer sauce that is to die for.) She is a fabulous crochet and knit craftswoman. We both share in some things and others are our own. Again, it's all part of the belief that the more we learn, the better we are for it.
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In the, love, write.
Dane F. Baylis

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