Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 59 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis

End of the Second Month, How Do I Feel About Blogging 365?

Well I could compare it to the one about the man in the asylum who is constantly banging his head against the wall. When one of the staff asks why he keeps repeating such painful behavior he responds, "Because it feels so good when I stop!" I imagine that might be how I'll feel on the 366th day with no prompts and no challenge...Or not!
Not that this is the easiest thing in the world to get going on but now it's become a habit. I actually worry about what time I'll get the next post out because I know there are some readers out there who look for this daily. When I first started I stressed over the tone and language and whether I should approach this in a...Well, put simply, I STRESSED! (Over what? Hell, I'm a writer! I don't need what, just a deadline does it. Even a self imposed one.) I also wondered if anyone besides my long suffering mate would read what I had to say? Thank-you to all of you who have. Would anyone seriously consider responding? Again, to each of you who has made the contribution of your time and effort to ask, state, or simply say hello, my thanks.
I have watched my statistics move up in slow but real increments. I have seen readership in the U.S., Great Britain, Germany, France, China (though they might be stealing the secret plotline to my next short story), the Phillipines, Brazil and Italy. I have made acquaintances and friends and am grateful for all of it.
So, am I going to continue? It's kind of like talking to yourself...Once you start doing it, you just sort of embrace it as part of your persona. That, in the long form was...Yes. As far as talking to myself...Come on...How else am I supposed to have an intelligent conversation?
That said, here comes the next month's worth of prompts...Whether I stay on script is always up to the stars. But whatever else, I hope you've enjoyed it so far and have the stamina and tolerance to hang around. (Yeah, it is kind of like a bad fraternity movie, isn't it?)
Accepting short fiction to 1200 words, poetry to 25 lines, and carefully crafted essays for the Your Work/Your Love page. Nope, still no pay, just glorious exposure! You can send your work to me via e-mail at Authors retain all rights. You can also follow or subscribe to this blog. There are gadgets for that on the right side of this page. I love the company and it helps with the search engine ranking. Comments, critiques, and questions are always answered in as timely a manner as I can manage between my day job, writing, studies, blah, blah, blah. There's a form at the bottom of the page for your use.
In the meantime,, love, write.
Dane F. Baylis

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