Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 64 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis

Why Speed Isn't Everything


Self-published or Self-punished?


Hi, it's your Uncle Dane again, you know--the old guy over there in the top left corner--back with another helpful hint. Like I've said, I'm into the traditional route when it comes to my publishing goals and, even for me, there are some things that are about as much fun as going commando in bluejeans with a heat rash. Like when you spend all that time editing the hell out of something and, after a publisher's been nice enough to say, "Okay. We guess.", you get it back and there's a laundry list of 'suggested' changes and improvements. I looked up "suggest" in The Oxford English Dictionary  and they must be using something entirely different. So why not avoid all that crap and just sel-publish the stuff? No muss, no fuss...Easy-cheesy-lemon peasy. In no time at all there you are, on Amazon or some indie in less than half the time...No strain...No endless back and forth...You're an AUTHOR!
I've been going through quite a bit of that type of product lately...The ones who really left it doubtless they were in no mood to wait...Even for their own part of the job to be finished! Notice that in the previous paragraph I said I EDIT THE HELL OUT OF THINGS. Sometimes as many as 6, many ever times. I have made mention that I ask my wife to proof read and edit my work also and I will noodge other writers for favors. Why, if I'm doing all that prior editing, do I need external verification? Because these are my darlings and, every now and then, I'm just not as brutal with them as I should be.
So what's the purpose of all this? Well, I'd prefer that an editor at a publishing house, magazine, journal, or website didn't think I was a total moron. Or worse yet, that I actually thought it was THEIR JOB to fix my boneheaded mistakes. In other words, I'd like them to think of me as a serious WRITER.
So why in the name of everything sensible would someone doing the self-publishing thing jump through fewer hoops? In the business world I've always told clients there are three things they could ask for...1. Speed...2. Quality...3. Price. You can have any TWO simultaneously, but you can't get all three. If you speed something out the door and on to the market and you're going to offer it at the kind of prices you see on Amazon, then you are more than likely sacrificing quality. YOU haven't done YOUR work!
You are the editor and, if you can find someone else whose skills you trust more than your own,(NO I didn't say someone who would pat your ass and tell you how special you are) all the better. Go over this thing you want to inflict on the world and make sure it is as ready as you can make it. Why? Because there's so much crap out here it really only takes a bit of extra effort to rise above. Then, while others 'authors' are wondering why they aren't getting repeat customers or any notice, you at least stand a chance. I said 'a chance' don't let it go to your head...sheeeesh!
Just a helpful hint...I need a nap.
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In the meantime,, love, write.
Dane F. Baylis

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