Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 76 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis

Discuss My Favorite Way Of Relaxing

First You Get A Five Gallon Can Of Vegetable Oil, A Rented Pony and The Stobbins Twins...

Sorry, I just gave away half of the plot line for my next short story. Or are those the plans for later tonight? Weekend time just seems to blur together. Maybe it's the Thorazine? I'll have to talk to my psycho-therapist about adjusting the dose.
SERIOUSLY? When I have the time (and I have found through the years that if you don't make time you lose time) I love to turn off my productive side and drown in others creativity. My mate and I maintain a number of memberships in museums in the area. These include the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and The Huntington Library. We also have, within easy driving distance The J. Paul Getty Museum and any number of smaller local history, botanical and specialty venues.
We also both enjoy music to no end. For that you might find us at The Hollywood Bowl, The House of Blues, Hollywood, or again, any number of other wonderful venues, large and small in this area.
I attend frequent readings and literary events as a member of the audience. I have a number of on-line courses I am enjoying. And when the mood strikes, we jump in the car and just drive. Where is never as important as just going.
And as counter intuitive as this may main form of relaxation is still writing. Yup, poetry, short fiction...this blog...I love writing and these parts are those side roads that are the scenery and inspiration for the larger portions. Told you all a while back...OCD!
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In the, love, write.
Dane F. Baylis


  1. Dane, This first post of yours is perfect for my first visit because it tells so much about you!

    We have much in common. I love Museums as well and for many many years I had a subscription to the Art institute of Chicago, which I use to visit every week. I wrote some good papers on Art about 15-20 years back, when I returned to school. My professors encouraged me to publish but our grand children started coming one after the other, all nine of them, and that took priority over everything else.

    I also "attend frequent readings and literary events as a member of the audience" readings, theater, dance, conserts and lectures, to which we often take our grand children and my 92 year old mother who lives with us. We love the countrysite and take weekend trips. We spend our summers in my homeland Greece, from where we make smaller trips all over Europe. We used to go to Mexico in the winter traveling the roads less travelled and had enjoyed great adventures.
    I love writing how I see Life but these past couple of weeks since I submitted my manuscript, I feel overwhelmed to write. Of course all the problems we face lately, sometimes intefers.

    I will look forward to catching your posts. I will subscribe so I will be reminded.

    Wishing you all the best in your writing journey as well as in life's journey...A long journey full of adventure, knowledge, Divine inspiration, love, joy, success...wo that by the time you reach your destination you will be both wise and happy, filled and fulfilled!

    This is my site...Love to see you when you have time:

    Blessing and Light!

    Katina Vaselopulos

    1. Welcome to my happy home Katina. Thought that last name might be Greek. I was lucky enough to do a training mission to Thessolaniki and Athens while I was in the U.S. Army. A gorgeous country and a wonderful people! I have a granddaughter who is just reaching that age where we can take her to events and have her really enjoy and appreciate the experience. Looking forward to turning her into an even more decadent artist then her grandfather.

      Whenever I've put in a real rough stretch getting something together to send out or publish I don't even bother being a 'serious' writer for a while. I nibble and pick at the things that are fun and save it up for a bit down the road.

      Thanks for subscribing. Love the company and it does a lot for the search engine ratings. Somewhere not too far down the road I am probably going to transfer over to a self-hosted site. I'll let my followers and subscribers know when that might happen.

      Thanks for the address! I'll pop right over and take a look.

      Again, welcome and thanks,

      Dane F. Baylis