Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just A Word Before I Go.

The author, Dane F. Baylis

Where Did That Come From!

Don't you love it! Your walking through the house, turning off lights, yawning and scratching your butt and - BAM! - the correction for the last scene in the outline hits you like a fish bat! You know there's absolutely no alternative here. This is precisely what you spent so much time rooting around in the trash at the bottom of your creative dumpster trying to find just a couple of hours ago. Only then it was, "No, way dude! The muse has left the building!"
So you give the whole thing a heart felt , "Screw it!" and you go do something else. No use beating a dead horse, all that gets you is another fast food burger. But just as you're figuring you might get a good night's sleep and take another run at it tomorrow, and I do mean just one door away from your bedroom...ten lousy feet from unconsciousness...there's the solution in all its god damned glory! Do you fool yourself into believing that you'll remember it in the morning? Nope, you've been down that road before. Wait and you'll be head down/ass up in the mental dumpster all over again. So, instead, you sit your keester down and start typing again.
An hour and a half later it's on paper and you're starting to see double. The next time some smart ass comes up to you at a reading or workshop and says, "I could have written that." Go ahead and tell him, "Be my guest, please! Just leave it on the desk, I'll make revisions in the morning!"
Live, love, write.
Dane F. Baylis

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