Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 28 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis

Talk About Writer's Block

This really requires a bit of recall. I guess not being able to get going or find the next page in a particular project might be "writer's block" if you allow yourself to fixate and start obsessing over it. Or...You simply pick up a notebook, switch files, or screens or whatever and work on something else for a while, like a blogging challenge with specific prompts that require you to get over the creative constipation and get moving.
This has been my method for years. I hit a point where I seem to dry up and I refuse to get all weepy and neurotic about it. One project or another, a change in media, perhaps simple correspondence with someone in my circle of acquaintances or, if the writing  just won't happen at the moment, music might, or maybe painting. Short story's not happening, then try hammering on the notes and compilation of scenes for the novel, or finally take the time to rewrite those poems I've been meaning to get out.
I really don't believe in writer's block. Blocked project yes, but if I ever get to the point where I've only got one iron in the fire I'll be surprised.
Still looking for short fiction to 1200 words, poetry to 25 lines, carefully thought out essays for the Your Work/Your Love page. No pay, just glory. You retain all rights. Follow or subscribe using the gadgets on the right of the page. Comments, critique, or questions always welcome.

As,love, write.

Dane F. Baylis 

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