Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 48 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis

Tell You About What's Around Me And My Work Area

Okay, this is where you all are supposed to get a glimpse into my inner being by translating the things in my environment into meaningful representations of my darkest thoughts. Good damned luck with that! If anything you'll walk away from this going, "That was it?" As time has gone by I have become more firmly convinced that a creative space needs to be just that. NOT a distracting space, but one in which the surroundings contribute as much as possible to the endeavors that will occur within the space.
So, as you can probably surmise, as I type this I am seated in my office/studio. The title tells you that this is a room with more than one purpose. Physically it is ten foot by twelve foot,. The walls are a very soft yellow, the trim a richer more vibrant yellow and the closet and office doors are a yellowish green called "Bamboo". The ceiling is flat white and the carpet is a soft beige. I have a desk with shelves, a file cabinet, a small storage cabinet a bookcase and a futon.
As I sit typing this on a standard desktop I can look straight ahead to a print out of motivational sayings that I take note of frequently. On the desk top shelving are a large collection of Cd's (mostly blues) and a small library of references covering writing, spelling, grammar. music, music theory, Buddhism, photography and social networking.
Held in various nooks and crannies around the room are are several sketchpads, watercolor pads, tracing and graph paper, canvases and drawing boards. There are three guitars hanging on the wall to my right, two electric and one acoustic. Below these are two amplifiers. I have a CD player on the cabinet along with my reading light. In the cabinet are a wide selection pencils, charcoals, pastels, water colors, etc. Above the desk shelving is an analog clock shaped like the top of a concert grand piano. Next to this to the right is an arrangement of musical symbol wall art. Next to those, moving right, is a triptych of my granddaughter and I when she was just short of her first birthday.
The bookcase and every other available surface holds fiction, poetry, philosophy, social science, physical science, atlases and copies of most everything my own writing, art and photography ever appeared in. In front of the bookcase is my electric bass. As we proceed along the left side of the room there is one of my portfolios with various sketches, pen and ink drawings and watercolors in it and above that a calendar of Japanese woodblock prints by several masters. Scattered amongst all the rest is a collection of percussion instruments and several of the projects I am presently nurturing through one stage or another. Among all that you would take note of several black and white, wide ruled notebooks and yellow pads. I know I've mentioned it before...I long hand everything and I keep several projects alive simultaneously.
On my desk there are a few small treasures. The most precious of these being a professional portrait of my wife and I that was taken a couple of years ago on a cruise to the Canadian Maritime Provinces. It reminds me who the most important person in this room is even when she's somewhere else.
So there you have it. My world in a nutshell. I have no real idea what it might tell you but I leave that to your kind discretion.
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Dane F. Baylis

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