Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 50 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis

If I Could Vacation Anywhere In The World Where Would It Be And What Draws Me There?

Place? As in singular? As in make a choice? Aaaahhh c'mon!

This is going to be so damned limiting and I say that because I have been all over the world as it is and I still have so much left to see. Granted, some of this travel was done under the auspices of Uncle Green and his Army Machine but, even then, when I signed on for a tour of duty that's exactly what I expected...A TOUR! Unlike the hapless Private Judy Benjamin, I'd been a child of the streets and knew how to wrangle that kind of outcome.
However, this October I will be cruising the Mediterranean with my one and only, from Rome to Barcelona for about two weeks. That is a trip that will be part encore and largely new. We are building a few extra days into the Rome segment to hit the high points (and I can tell from experience that the high points there are so numerous that, if you want to truly appreciate them, you better find a way to just damned do it). I mean, pack up your laptop, camera, a significant other, or the damned cat, and move there tonight!  I cannot emphasize enough my belief in travel as a way of expanding your horizons! There is nothing like being immersed in another culture to either a) Send your chauvinistic ass screaming for your native shore, or, b) Make you wonder what took you so friggin' long to smarten up!
So, where would my ideal vacation place be...Any Place I Haven't Been Yet! Argentina, Sri Lanka, Japan, Peru, Nepal, Tibet, China...Why? The mountains, the deserts, the seas and oceans, the culture past and present, the people, the languages, OH DEAR LORD!!!!!! THE FOOD! If you are one of these people who has always said, "One of these days.", get off your ass because these days are gone before you know it! Yes the world is an immense place and it is filled with strange shit. People eat the weirdest stuff and even when you think you've got the local lingo down, the dialect shifts and they're all speaking the equivalent of martian...and bathing and toilet facilities can take some figuring out....SO WHAT! That's what makes traveling an adventure!
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Dane F. Baylis

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