Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 40 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis

What One Wild Animal Do I Wish I Could Have For A Pet

This is going to be counter to the theme. There are no wild animals I wish I could have for a pet. It's really a rather simple thing. Wild animals do best in the wild. Owning them inflicts unnatural environments where their habits, diets and social tendencies are all subverted to the human need to dominate something.
I have owned non-domestic creatures in the past. The unfortunate ones died in my care. Others fared better in when I eventually learned they would be more likely to thrive in their own habitats caring for themselves. I have nursed the occasional creature to health after some type of trauma, but they were always turned back to their own surroundings.
I was confined for  a short time by my own species and didn't find it enjoyable in the least. Why should I expect another creature to find my attentions any less claustrophobic? I know, I'm probably supposed to be doing some kind of 'what if' exercise with this but it is just completely outside of my nature and something I feel strongly about. Which is probably one of those emotion packed subjects I should explore for a story.
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As, love, write.
Dane F. Baylis


  1. This reminds me of the time when I had found a bluejay that had not landed so well. He had a pretty badly damage wing, and certainly wasn't faring well. We had placed him in a shoe box with some blanketing material, cloth of some kind, We had even tried to feed it water and stuff, but I guess it was too far gone to make it :( lol. My only experience of the kind.

    1. Hello Jeremy,

      Yes, it's pretty much the same thing. Even when we are trying for a humane result it isn't always successful. As children we want to help, to heal, to be able to tell others what a good thing we have done. Unfortunately we too often learn the harder lesson, there are some circumstances beyond our best wishes. These are the events that, in the right mind and heart, become the fuel for later expression but at the time they are heart breakers.

      However, my favorite cats have been my ferrals, but then they've always picked me not the other way around. As far as other creatures like hawks, or racoons, or ferets, or what have you...I spend hours in the back country among them and there is never any substitute in captivity that equals what I've seen there.