Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 36 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis

But I Digress!

No, that's not the prompt for the day. That one has to do with your new releases since January or if you haven't...So on and so on and I have things out for consideration and I'm not into self-publication (I beat my ego into a corner ages ago and any time it looks like it might move I show it the club), I'm not a publisher or agent or any myriad of other persons involved in "releases". What I am is a WRITER.
The capitalization isn't meant to be the Internet equivalent of yelling, it is simply a statement of who I am and what I'm doing. I believe being a writer is large and bold. I don't chase genres nor do I concern myself with which one the stories I concoct may fall into. I don't write with my audience in mind or a market demographic either. Well, truth be told that last assertion wasn't entirely truthful, I write for a very limited audience. Me!
I believe that if you really give your soul to this craft and practice it with a mind toward constant improvement then an audience will eventually find you, not the other way around. I know what makes for good writing because I know good reading when I'm enjoying it. This has nothing to do with any particularly popular subject or style. It might be slice of life vignette, techno-thriller, horror, crime/mystery, literary fiction, salacious erotica (Let's not discuss what constitutes bad erotica, just look at any listing of new "releases" - there's that word again - and you'll be bombarded with all the saccarhin plain vanilla you can stand!). It could pay passing acknowledgement to a particular formula, or style, or philosophy but what it really has that the others lack is that ability to bring you inside the world on the page and communicate to YOU! Not just your mind or even your imagination, but your gut feelings, your emotions.
That is WRITING and what I hope, in some small way, I am gaining an iota of skill at. How will I, or you, know if I've done it? Well, the truth is we may never know. We may be long gone to dust an decay and someone will wrap fish with these pages they find squirreled away in that place they bought through an estate sale. Or, just maybe, on a back shelf in a library somewhere (or more likely in some obscure data base) there will be a tome with my byline and the imprint of a publisher who took a chance. And that friends, will be enough.
Always looking for short fiction to1200 words, poetry to 25 lines, and carefully crafted essays for the Your Work/Your Page. E-mail then to or submit then through comment window below. I haven't had anything submitted that way yet so I'm not real sure how it might look when it arrives. Good luck! Follow or subscribe using gadgets for those functions on the far right of the page. The more the merrier (It helps with the search engine ratings too). Comments, critiques, or questions are always welcome and I respond in as timely a manner as I'm capable of.
As, love, write.
Dane F. Baylis

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