Monday, December 30, 2013

Day 358 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author/publisher,
Dane F. Baylis


Hard to believe, but I've been hammering away at a blog for over a year now. Most of that time has been spent in this 365 Day Challenge. It was just after the New Year that I began inflicting myself on the world on a daily basis and I am a little proud to be able to say I haven't missed a daily opportunity to do that very thing!
One of the side benefits is that I have reconnected with a number of people in the literary, visual, and performing arts. I've re-ignited the passion that I had let die down for so long. I have been afforded opportunities, over and over, to get my name and presence into the public conscience, and am enjoying the whole damned thing immensely.
Having spent the last twenty years dragging my ass into a day job that, to be kind, isn't exactly "intellectually" stimulating, I am grateful for the chance to unpack the wild and perverse avenues my mind is capable of creating.
The people I have rekindled my friendship with are enormously stimulating. The interactions we have are no less than mind boggling at times and the constant give and take is a well spring of inspiration. All of this because I decided to remember that, first and foremost, I am an artist and, when I am immersed in that milieu, I am as happy as a fucking clam. For those of you who have followed my rantings over the preceding months, Mille Grazia. It was a wonder to watch the visits counter ticking away. At the end of this next week of posts I'll release the official tally for the number of times people have found their way to my page.
This weekend we will be practicing a bit of paganism. A new acquaintance is hosting a burning of the Yule. Let's all celebrate the rejuvenation and renewal of the sun in its passage through thew sky and the beating back of the night!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write and hold on to your passion as you would your own life!
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