Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 357 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author/publisher,
Dane F. Baylis


Another Christmas is packed back into its boxes. The house has been put back in order now that the guests have gone home. The New Year looms just around the corner. What are your plans?
What are mine? Oh, there are so many things either waiting for their date or for me to initiate their beginning. I have a  couple of readings coming up, one in Santa Barbara and the other in Ventura. (See below).
February 8, 2013, 4:00-6:00 PM at Grenada Books, Santa Barbara, CA. (Dane F. Baylis and Fernando Albert Salinas.) Open mic follows.
March 9, 2013, 2 pm, All Erotic Reading at Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura, CA.
I have feelers out to try and schedule more. I am offering my chapbook, SELF INFLICTED, for sale on-line now that I've figured out how to do the Paypal thing.
In several days I'll be starting the transition from this blog into a new site on Wordpress. That ought to prove a little challenging, but nothing that can't happen. The end of the 365 Days of Blogging Challenge is now only eight days away. It will be nice to get it over with. Being "on" everyday has been a bit more difficult and time consuming than I thought it might. That I'm the only member of the original group still doing this (as far as I know) is both satisfying and disheartening. It's more a reflection of my pit bull nature than my talent, I'm afraid. The new blog is something I see as a weekly publication with possibilities of guest bloggers in the form of writers, editors, publishers, and artists from several disciplines.
In the meantime, short stories and poetry get written and revised, submitted, and rejected on a fairly regular basis - and occasionally something does get accepted. The imprint I started in November has had a couple of inquiries from hopeful poets and we'll see how that fares. The Editor-in-Wife has shown a good deal of enthusiasm about her part in that enterprise and is urging a more proactive and aggressive marketing approach.
The Wordpress blog will include more of my photography and art. The art will be available for purchase, the photography may be offered in a stock licensing arrangement. There's also a nascent idea I have brewing involving poetry audio books. I'm not one hundred percent sure on those last two yet, but, as my retirement from the day job gets nearer, I am looking for something to fill in the open time and I can't think of anything I'd enjoy more than getting eyeballs deep in the art scene again. I'll keep you informed as things progress. Also look for the new website, I'll be providing a URL, opening date, and any other data that seems pertinent.

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