Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 331 of the 365 Days of Blogging

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Despite this being the holiday season, you're not going to see me peddling feel good truisms or the latest super deal on this blog. What I have got for you tonight is a really great link to a series of short interview films with the late underground literary giant, Charles Bukowski. I found them over on Open Culture which is a wealth of courses, film, articles...and all for free.
The reason I'm posting the link to Bukowski's work is he's still one of the greatest authors hardly anybody never heard of. But when it comes to commitment to writing and saying it his way, you cannot beat the man. So follow this link Bukowski Tapes for a heavy reality check. The next time you think the road you've chosen is a hard one, just recall what you're about to see.
Other than that, I'm reading tonight at the Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park, California tonight at 9 PM. If you're a terminal insomniac or just can't think of a damned other thing to do, come on by. I guarantee I will do everything I can not to bore you. There's also an open mic after the featured reading with a seven minute time limit, so take your turn and strut a little. An added bonus is that I'll also be flogging autographed copies of my chapbook SELF INFLICTED. There sure to be a collector's item. Alright, so they'll probably just collect dust on your night stand, but all donations go to a worthy cause...ME!
Keeping it short so I can get a bite and pretty myself up. Hope to see you there.
Meanwhile...live, love, write.
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