Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 332 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author/publisher,
Dane F. Baylis


Three small letters that can be the lead-in to some far reaching topics.
Like why, after so many years of minor notoriety, do I keep trying? The simplest answer being that, I lost the ego a long time ago. What I do, as far as writing or other art is concerned, is done for me. What attention it draws - or accolades it might garner, are up to those on the receiving end.
I look for those things in myself that feel true and strike some resonant chord. Because we are all human, it shouldn't be too hard to imagine that, if I find those inspirations in myself, I should be able to connect with others. It is in experiencing that connection that readers may hear a truth they recognize in themselves, and it may very likely not be my truth. But if it works for them, then great. The only person I insist understand it is me, and even that requirement is waived from time to time.
Why, if I have to get up the next morning between 4:45 and 5:15, do I agree to readings that happen a 50 mile drive from home after 9:00 PM? Because I was asked. Personal contact with an audience, face to face in the same room, means a lot to the people you are trying to attract to your work. This is something the Internet generation is fast losing touch with. I've had a young man stand and tell me what really amazing people his peers are because they are the first generation to have been born inside of the digital revolution. I've also seen the over the top performance art this crowd turns everything into, including things with the most obtuse references delivered in arm flailing shouts and screams.
Poetry, or the written word, when handled well, doesn't have to be some display of manic emotionalism. As a matter of fact, it should be a subtle blend of understated rhythm and restrained tension. This allows the listener or reader the opportunity to breathe and absorb, instead of being assaulted.
Why am I not all over Amazon by now? Basic math, that's why. I see it this way: the better established my presence and audience is in the real world, the higher the value of my art. In other words, by giving people the opportunity to physically see me - to enjoy what I am told over and over is a unique, powerful, and very personal voice - I am building my brand.
So? So, that saves me from the $.99 pile in the on-line bargain basement. The benefit being, when I do decide to go to a digital retailer, it will be with a proven sales record at a better price than the vast majority debuting in cyberspace would dare ask. Combined with the accreditation of having made a name for myself out here, I can better compete in other arenas. I already have people asking me to come to their venues, along with people promoting me without having been asked. I have validity among my peers and cache with those who have the channels to exploit and better my position.
Why, if all that's going on in the bricks and mortar world, am I still here doing this blog? Because old dogs do learn new tricks. Especially if they want to keep the sunny spot in the yard and a dry bed inside when it rains. Young pups, as a rule, have to get soaked before they learn even easy lessons.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write.
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