Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 340 of the 365 Days of Blogging

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To say that this last week has been one of rejuvenation would be an understatement. It was absolutely restorative to be in this environment, so completely divorced from the one in which I live the vast majority of my life.

Breakfast for us was at a gourmet spot just around the corner from our cabin. Our waitress had actually moved up here from the town we live in down on the coast. We had a wonderful talk and it all just confirmed that the world grows smaller all the time.

That it isn't yet the height of the ski season meant even the south shore of the lake where the resorts are is quiet, slow, and almost devoid of people. The north shore is all nature preserves and National Park and Forest land once you get above the thin strip where the houses are so it has been even more quiet. Last night the neighborhood dogs and local coyotes got into a brief yipping and howling contest and today, while we were on an interpretive walk, we saw one of the wild members of the competition up close. He didn't seem to feel the least bit intimidated by our presence, apparently more intent on scaring up a little morning morsel.
After our interpretive walk, I pointed my pickup truck's nose up a Forestry Service road and we headed for Holcomb Valley, site of the largest gold strike in Southern California in the 1860's. The snow and ice on the early part of the drive made it, shall we say, interesting. Anytime I can step on the brakes while backing up for a better line and the rear wheels just continue to drag the locked front tires downhill, well even I consider that a little slick. It was an adventure, but more than worth it. We learned a little more about the history of California, went to an area not very many would even consider attempting, and were treated to some fantastic landscapes.
As busy as we've been, I've still managed to get some writing done, even despite the natural distractions of this place. A week really isn't enough time to settle in and re-establish a robust routine. But, as I said, I've done some things and that's better than most would have accomplished.. I've been solidifying plans for the next chapbook, am almost ready to send off the first fifty pages of my novel to a prospective agent, written a solid new poem, got a tentative beginning on another, and topped all this off with a possible idea for a short story. Really not a bad week at all. I am, and am not, looking forward to getting back home. I have an assignment to complete for my Buddhist Studies Class. I miss the community of artists, my own space, and the cats. Each day is blessedly one closer to retirement. I've also been hearing from more venues for poetry readings and have decided to try sending the just released chapbook out to some contests.
A few days after we get back, our daughter will be arriving, family in tow, for the Christmas Holiday. I've taken a couple of more days for this and, combined with a normally light work calendar over the high holidays, should be able to accomplish quite a bit. I have to mail out a couple of copies of my chapbook and help get the house ready for guests, but other than that, I am pretty much on my artistic own. I look forward to that time in the not too distant future when I am just that. Done with twenty-one and a half years of other's demands and schedules and on my own with my thoughts, projects, and productions.
So, tomorrow is out of the mountain snow, back to balmy Pacific breezes. See you there!
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