Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 336of the 365 Days of Blogging

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What's one of the biggest lessons to be learned about blogging everyday? That, despite the boundless nature of ego, I have struggled to find anything worth posting everyday. The truth of it all? When this challenge is completed I'm going to cut back to maybe once a week. That seems to be the amount of time for things to occur that are worth noting and for the thoughts to gestate and bring out real meaning.
That being said, I have to admit to being somewhat OCD. Of the original group that started this trip, I'm the only one still here. To better illustrate just how anal I've been about it, at this moment I'm taking a break up in the Southern California mountains in a cabin on the shores of Big Bear Lake. That's right, even going into seclusion hasn't stopped me. At least up here there's gorgeous scenery, a crackling fire, and a complete escape from everything to do with my day job, family drama, and urban living. The best part of the deal is the Editor-in-Wife is here with me!
There was a bit of snow in the area yesterday and the temperatures were in the mid-thirties on the way up, but the roads were clear and I didn't have to stop to put on the chains I bought for adverse conditions. The weekend crowd was headed down the mountain as we headed up and the mid-week crowd is expected to be light. I've brought along a couple of projects I'm working on, a scad of books, my camera, and a deep need for this time away. I'll still post daily, while trying not to gloat too much. There will be photo's forthcoming, but all that in its own good time.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write.
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