Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 329 of the 365 Days of Blogging

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Dane F. Baylis


Having just spent nine hours making a trip from Sacramento to my home on the California coast, just north of Los Angeles County, all I can say is it's good to finally get here. I've lived in and out of California since 1970 and I am just astounded at the way the population just keeps growing! That the Editor-in-Wife and I have a love affair with this place is no secret. That we are daily more distressed by the number of people in it - and the stress this brings to the environment, municipalities, and quality of life is also no secret.
I hear people complaining about it all the time. The traffic. The inability to escape the crowds. Trash in what were once pristine wilderness areas. Overflowing, developments, schools, parks, campgrounds...
Can I make a small suggestion. First of all, QUIT HAVING SO MANY FUCKING KIDS! Second, make better use of your urban centers and resources. Part of the irresistible charm of this state is its wild areas. But, if you keep pushing your tubby urban asses into them, they'll be as gone as the Sandhill Crane. Third, pressure your representatives in government to treat American companies that do all their manufacturing and hiring in foreign countries, and nothing but their selling in this one, as foreign companies. Subject them to all the tariffs and restrictions a Chinese or Malaysian company is expected to comply with and they just might bring a lot of those jobs home.
What good would that do? More jobs mean more opportunities closer to home and less reason for families to be scattered to hell and gone. Then we might make the trip across town instead of half the length of one of the largest states in the union for a family get together on a holiday that was intended for that very purpose. But the simplest fixes always seem the hardest to implement...Don't they?!!
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