Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 295 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author/publisher,
Dane F. Baylis


No, I don't have one of my witty, "OR", lines today. Mostly because I'm dwelling on an invitation I received by email. I turned it down because it was for Sunday and my entire weekend is tied up at a local writer's conference. But I probably would have said "no", anyway.
It involved taking part in something that just didn't really make sense to me. The intent, as I understood it, was to gather a group of writers in a hangout (the Google+speak for a chat). While in this hangout, we weren't to speak to each other with sound, but were to write to one another. The thought being, "That's what writers do". This was supposed to be a time when we would encourage one another to write.
Okay, let's stop right there. I understand that there are some, mostly novices, who need guidance and encouragement to find their way in a very competitive field. However, I'm a writer, I know because I spend a large part of my time writing. I don't need anybody cheering me on to get that done. Mostly I have people telling me to get away from the computer and go outside! I pretty much don't know how not to "write". When I'm not at this keyboard, I'm making my way through the world armed with as many as four notebooks, a sketchbook, a camera, and a damned IPhone. All of this is an extension of, and preparation for, writing.
I have pre-written this blog at times and posted it by phone while on the road. I have started my own publishing imprint so I could turn out chapbooks for myself and, hopefully, other poets and writers. I avidly pursue other writers, publishers, editors, artists so I can see, hear, read their work and hopefully share some of mine with them
I have a history as a writer that goes back almost four decades. In all that time, I didn't need somebody to encourage me to write, although I frequently endured being told to do it better. And there's the rub for me. Do I care if you get discouraged and fade away? Honestly, no, I don't. That's just the natural culling of the herd. You can either keep up or the wolves will get you. The one great caveat to that is the real dangerous scavengers of soul, inspiration, and drive are not external. They're your own doubts. Look, you either get that under control or you're hoist by your own petard. (Look it up.)
Yes, we all get discouraged, or busy, or distracted, or just damned lazy. It's not up to the rest of the writing world to take your hand and tell you to keep going. That has to come from inside. If it isn't a part of your make-up to believe you have something worthwhile to say, maybe you don't. I'd much rather deal with the kid who shows up at the readings and doesn't say a word the first two, or three, or half-a-thousand times, but eventually grows some and stands up at the mic. I love the ones that manage to get that piece published that is incredibly flawed, but has a gem at its core and continue to try just because they have to.
You want encouragement? Call home. Talk to your boy/girlfriend. Lay a healthy tip on your neighborhood bartender. You want to talk about the art and craft? Come look me up.
Just a helpful hint from your Uncle Dane.
Meanwhile...Get on with it! Live, love, write!
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