Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 277 of the 365 Days of Blogging

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I'm going to keep this very short and sweet. I spent most of the day in Los Angeles traffic doing something for my day job. The something I was tasked to do had all the relevance of a screen door on a submarine, but, like any other artist, I do what I must to pay the bills.
Got home about the same time I would if I'd stayed on the job locally. Not a plus, not a minus, more or less a Nada. Today is the day in my garden cycle when I needed to give everyone a good drink. I irrigate by hand because it conserves water. If we'd received rain yesterday as was promised by the forecasters, I could have foregone that chore. But the weather in Southern California is the weather, and predictions are arcane doings -usually involving the sacrifice of warm blooded creatures on mountain tops at night. Anyway, I turned on the hose and turned off the day for a while.
Opened my e-mail to find a short story I had out was rejected by one of the journals I'd sent it to. There was voice mail from the local Harley dealership to tell me I need to bring my Sportster in for a safety recall. Then there was a message in Facebook from the venue I attend most Thursdays for poetry and open mic time. The substitute host was messaging to tell me he was under the weather (More weather related problems, eh?) and would I mind substituting for him? Not a problem. I just found out in another message from the organizer that I've pulled a spot over there as a featured reader next month. Chalk it up to the karma thing.
So, the day job continues. I need to find a new home for that orphaned short story. In the meantime, I'm working on two others and need to put another poetry submission together, along with the program for the upcoming feature slot. The bike needs to go to the shop and I could use one night soon where I can get at least six hours of unbroken sleep. Thank god tomorrow's Friday, I might be able to channel all the rest of that stuff into the eight hours I'm not at work on Saturday and Sunday.
Don't you just love it when people tell you how envious they are of the time you can spend on your art??!!
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write. After all, you've got so much free time!
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