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Day 294 of the 365 Days of Blogging

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Twice in the last couple of weeks people have pointed out that it must be nice to have the time to write. I asked them what they meant and they explained that it must be nice being retired and having the time I needed. Retired? When I informed them I still had a forty hour plus job, things suddenly got quiet.
Do I actually look that old? I guess, at least to the other end of the damned food chain. But even so, I was a little put out. The old guy's pride got into it. I've been at this a while. It isn't something I picked up in my golden years as a hobby to fill all the empty hours. The longer I thought about that...Son-of-a-bitch, I've painted, written, worked at photography both as a trade and as an art! Jesus H. Christ on a crutch, where do they get these ideas?
I had to give this some thought and investigation. Like I said, there's a good deal of pride in it. Yes, I am officially in my seventh decade. (Don't spring a brain cell on that. It means I'm in my sixties...Not my seventies.) I'm closing in on the magic goal of retiring with the resources to spend full days in front of a keyboard or on the road to readings, or whatever else works for me artistically, without having to worry about when I can grab a few Z's. But it hasn't happened yet.
Then, as is so often the case, someone else provided the answer. It's not just my appearance, but that, combined with my output, that makes the younger bunch think I have all the time in the world at my disposal. It's the simple reality of my iron clad work ethic that escapes them. It's a granite hard discipline achieved in endeavors totally unrelated to the artistic side, but transferred over because - Well, because it just makes f***ing sense to me.
I set goals. I make demands of myself. I do not believe in "good enough". I do believe that the harder you live, the greater your access to the emotions and ideas that you need to create, fluently and with regularity. The deeper you love, the more you suffer loss, the greater your triumphs (over yourself or the world around you), the broader your artistic vocabulary.
This is the focal point in my existence and the fulcrum I use to get up off my poor, tired, OLD ass and write, draw, paint, compose, photograph...Whatever is the intent and focus of my desire at the moment. Hell, I keep adding to the list of projects that critically need my undivided attention because I understand what limited time is about. Think on that if you're on the other end of the scale. While you're thinking, DO SOMETHING. Quit waiting for the inspiration. It will find you faster if it thinks you're honestly trying to court it instead of sitting in a bar waiting. 
No, I have NOT retired! When I do, I would suggest you get your track shoes on, because that's when the real race will start, Baby! That's when I will honestly have the kind of time I have dreamt of. Anyone want to go a round or two?
Maybe I should invest in a hair transplant? What do you think?
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write, a lot. You need to catch up to the old fart!
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