Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 281 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author (and soon to be
publisher), Dane F. Baylis.



After a considerable sit down with the Editor-in-Wife I have embarked on either:
a) The next level in my return to the writing life.
b) A measure of pure lunacy!
We discussed this in the car on the way to and from the Bluebird Reading yesterday and continued the discussion over dinner. Looks like I'm going to establish my own imprint. Yes, the author is moving into publishing!
First of all, this is a move of expediency. I need a minimum of a chapbook to peddle at readings and other events. Also, it can come in handy for competitions, resume's, presentations, and general validation. Having checked in with some of the more knowledgeable types in the area I was either, taken aback at pricing, or set back in time frame considerations. As I mentioned last night, I have several of the requisite skills needed, so the next - I hope logical - step is to start my own house.
A large part of the discussion centered around who to use for the printing? That was a matter the Editor-in-Wife settled by a web search that brought up a local (In a broad sense) job shop. I called them today, gave them some ballpark estimates as to size, paper weight, page count and they said I'd hear back tomorrow with an estimate.
I intend to use this as a standing business, as well as a self-publishing move, so, again, the Editor-in-Wife and I went into conference to discuss branding and more decisions were made. So, now comes the necessity of a DBA filing, purchase of a domain, possible ISBN purchase, affixing copyright symbols, etc. I have already started designing a logo and done the obvious of checking out how other people have put together similar publications.
I have decided to limit my first run to only as many as I feel I might be able to sell in the space of several readings. The printer that I approached has an on demand business model that makes this seem feasible. Simplicity being the key to anything like this, I want to get my toes wet before I find myself taking a bath - either artistically or financially.
If things work out, I will, at least, be in full control of my own product and, hopefully, able to garner a little more attention. Who knows, with luck I might find it a sound enough decision to warrant reaching out to others as a consultant or possible publishing house? If nothing else, I envision a real learning experience in this.
If you've done something similar to this, or know someone who has, or you've been on the periphery of such a venture, I'd appreciate any and all advice. Just send it to me at Oh, and by the way, this doesn't stop me from sending out to brick and mortar publishers, it's just another avenue. Wish me luck.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write.
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