Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 280 of the 365 Days of Blogging

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Okay, I'm a little bit late tonight. Why? Well, I spent a pretty good afternoon at the Bluebird Reading, Fall Edition, at the Avenue Fifty Studio in Highland Park, Los Angeles. A slate of four stylistically diverse and accomplished readers presented by Jessica Ceballos, along with a Google+ Hangout connection.The featured readers were an interesting and talented mix and the open mic provided space for lesser known poets to get some great exposure. Again, thanks for all your hard work, Jessica.
Tomorrow night, I'm attending an event a little closer to home. John Slade will be appearing as Walt Whitman at the Ojai Arts Center in Ojai, California. (For those of you unfamiliar with the quirks of California's mix of English, Spanish, and American Indian dialects, Ojai is pronounced like,  "Oh, hi".) On the bill with John are Polly Bee, Aaron Gardner, Saul Gordillo, Perie Longo, Alicia Morris, and Jackson Wheeler. Things kick off at 7:30 with a charge of twenty dollars at the door.
Thursday, it's back to the Topping Room at the Foster library in downtown Ventura. The featured reader for this event will be Patricia Barone, the author of THE SCENT OF WATER. As usual, the featured reader will be followed by an open mic with sign-up's prior to the evening's entertainment.
I've decided to open my own publishing imprint. Mainly this is an unmitigated move to eliminate the middle men and take control over the presentation and branding of my own literary product. With a background in photography, design, the print industry, and literature, it just seems the sanest, most economical course for me. The first project is a chapbook of about ten to twelve poems that I am trying to get out on an insanely tight schedule. The pressure is just an incentive, I guess. Anyway, adrenaline junkie that I am, it should prove educational.
So, how's your calendar look these days? Besides my day job and studies - and considering a shot at NaNoWriMo with a piece I've got in the works, in addition to all of the above, I've got nothing but time. LMAO!
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write like you intended it to all go your way!
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