Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 293 0f the 365 Days of Blogging

The author/publisher,
Dane F. Baylis




If I haven't mentioned already, I am releasing a chapbook, SELF INFLICTED, under my own imprint, Dane F. Baylis Publications, on the 7th of November. It is going public on the same night I will be the featured reader at the Topping Room in the E.P. Foster Library in Ventura, CA. That's a Thursday evening and the reading starts at about 7:30 PM and is followed by an open mic. So, if you're scanning this because of some Internet search you just made, and are in the Ventura, CA vicinity on that night, drop by!
Next, I have a poem coming out in ASKEW #15 in a couple of weeks. The piece is entitled, SYNCOPATION, and is a bit of jazz referenced, semi-erotica. Many thanks to Phil, Marsha, and Friday for the chance. There is a reading and release reception/party scheduled for Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts Center in Venice, CA on the 7th of December at 4 PM. (Yeah, I know, Pearl Harbor Day. What can you say? It's poetry, you have to sneak it up on the masses.)
Those are the concrete developments at the moment. In the interim I have just finished LUNCH MONEY v.8, even though v.7 is still out there. I'm working on the third re-write of a bit of in your face, urban-grit erotica that hasn't gone out the door yet that has, IMHO, real potential. The tentative title for this one is, THE VOICE ACROSS THE ALLEY. In addition to all that, I have submissions out to fifteen other venues with varying reply dates of anywhere from the first week of November to April of next year. I don't believe in waiting around a lot.
What else does an author/publisher do with his time? Well, I'm already toying with the idea for another chapbook. This one will be comprised completely of erotica. Why not? I produce a good deal of it and it has had a "warm" reception across gender and age ranges, so it seems a natural progression to put it between the covers (Come on, loosen up. It was a pun!) of my imprint's next release.
My reading list is immense and varied. At the moment I'm back in Charles Bukowski's, WAR ALL THE TIME, POEMS 1981-1984. New titles are Albert Camus', NOTEBOOKS 1942-1951, and a wonderful anthology of short fiction, THE MAD SCIENTIST'S GUIDE TO WORLD DOMINATION for entertainment. For self-education, I'm in the middle three other how-to's. Yes, I'm reading all of this concurrently. No, I have no idea how I keep them compartmentalized in my mind, I have always read this way. It just works for me.
I recently opened a Twitter account. If you're interested at all, I can be reached there at @dbaylis805. Pardon my clumsiness, I have never done a thing with Twitter so my learning curve is a bit steep. I can also be found on Facebook and am reachable through either this page, (see below), or via e-mail, (also below).
I'm still soliciting advice on the use of PayPal for on-line sales of chapbooks and the like. Haven't heard diddly from anyone so far. Worse goes to awful, I'll figure it out, but I would really appreciate anything you might forward on the matter.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write. Oh, why are you just sitting there spinning the mouse-wheel? The first step to being a writer is sit up straight and type. The rest comes after a bit.

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