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Day 205 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis,


Moving along to another of the poets of ASKEW POETRY JOURNAL, Issue #14: Ann Buxie. Ann is sweet, sublime, ethereal and earthy, and a real pleasure to listen to or read. She doesn't actually appear in this issue but was invited as a former contributor and supporter of the local scene to read. I am so glad that Phil made this exception!
Ann Buxie
Photo by D.F. Baylis
I'm Just Going to Have Fun
Is this some kind of streak? I’ve never had this much fun. Takes some getting used to. a little guilt perhaps it can’t last you don’t deserve it this too shall pass. But listen. What if bliss is innate, doubled into our soul, our DNA? By now, life has chewed me and juiced me, enough to prove my goodness. I’m tossing the locks, keeping doors open, letting the holy blow through, not for my sake, but ours. Happy dissolves ugly, like alka seltzer in water, fizz fizz, ‘cuz ugly isn’t real, isn’t true, can’t endure. I rest my case.
the emperor is happy
the elephant is loose
tell everyone


And you're supposed to say, "Noticed what, oh, Canny One?" The fact that, though this site has been up every day for quite some time now, there are no ad's. No offers. No chances to join and send me hard earned cash for...WHATEVER! Now you're waiting for the other shoe, huh?
There isn't one. No opportunities to learn the secrets of publishing. No course guaranteed to turn you into a literary powerhouse. Nada! Zilch! Hell, there's not even a plea for donations to keep the good work  on this earth going...Or GOD will call me home! (Or at least the mother ship will come back and scoop me up so I can play gospel with Elvis.)
If I'm not making a buck, then WHY ? The philosophical trickery to that is, Why not? I put this site up originally as a place to showcase me. Well, I bore me most of the time, so that wasn't working. Then I stumbled across Kharysma Rayne's 365 Day Blogging Challenge and, what the hell, here we are.
But why not monetize it? Because I shifted from my work to others, (though, I have to admit, soliciting submissions is like offering free root canals). Anyway, I didn't think asking others to contribute to something would be koshser if I was knocking a profit off from it and not paying out. So scratch any considerations in that direction.
I'm also a bit altruistic. I remember what it's like to find any outlet when the only people who know your name are your Mom, siblings, and the pimple faced kid who delivers your pizza one night a week. With that memory, I decided to actively go out there and find other poets, writers, and malcontents and drag them kicking and screaming over here to my place! The literary types weren't too much hassle...The malcontents are locked in the garage until they cool off.
So, if this thing takes off, and some whiz kid out there can show me a non-mind-numbing way to turn all this to profitable use, I'll start offering writers cash for their efforts. Until then, I offer a place where you can point to and say, "I was also published at...", the next time someone asks for your credits. It doesn't seem like much until you're neck and neck in the consideration marathon and the other guy goes, "Well, no, I haven't published anywhere else!"
A helpful hint from your Uncle Dane.



About a week ago I was asked that question all writers get way-laid with from time to time, "So, what are you reading?"
Short list follows:
Just finished, "The Friends of Eddie Coyle" and "Digger's Game", by George V. Higgins for about the fourth time.
Now it's on to "Philadelphia  Noir ", an anthology of back east Noir fiction.
On the less than light side, "On Writing ", by George V. Higgins; " Bird by Bird ", by Anne Lamott; and " Editor-Proof Your Writing ", by Don McNair.
Told you I was boring when left to my own devices.
Meanwhile...live, love, write.
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Dane F. Baylis

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