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Day 178 of the 365 Days of Blogging

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You've invested a lot of time so far. You decided what the main conflict of your story was while developing your story idea. This should have given you a fair idea of who your protagonist and antagonist are. You probably haven't completely worked out their natures and drives, but you have a fair sense what your protagonist is working toward and how or why your antagonist is blocking him or her.
It's time to go back to the notebooks (kind of like an NFL playbook). You need to fill in and examine who your characters are - you want to know WHY they're after what they're after? WHY they're locked in this battle? What is it that makes them tick?
In everything you've been doing so far you've concentrated on WHAT. What exactly are your protagonists and antagonists wants. This is fine but it is still too shallow. Now is time to ask a basic question of all of this - and keep asking it. WHY?
What does your protagonist want?
*Why does he/she want it?
*Why is it so vital to him/her?
*What will success mean to your MC?
*Why hasn't he/she tried for it until now?
*Why is THIS moment so important?
If your antagonist is a person, what does he/she want?
*Why does your antagonist want it?
*Why is it so vital to him/her?
*What will success mean to him/her?
*Why is your antagonist determined to triumph?
*Why is he/she opposed to the MC?
It is most important to figure out your MC's whys. But having a better understanding of your antagonists, if it is a person, will enrich and deepen your portrayal.
We'll define some of these whys in our next get together., love, write.
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