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Let's move on to another of the ASKEW POETRY JOURNAL, Issue #14 poets. At this time I would like to present Tim Tipton. Tim is a unique younger voice in the Askew pantheon and is already making a name in the Southern California scene. His recent chapbook, "LATE NIGHT BREATHING" was the winner of the 2013 San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival Chapbook Contest. He read his poem "DIRTY WEEKEND" for the Askew event.
Tim Tipton
Photo by, D.F. Baylis

                                                           DIRTY WEEKEND

                                        I had a dirty weekend with a total stranger
                                        We stopped at a little bungalow by the sea
                                        that hummed to itself.
                                        We climbed up a jacaranda tree
                                        and sat in the branches until our hair was
                                        covered with purple buds.
                                        We climbed down and slithered through the mud,
                                        pretending to be seeds.
                                        We sprayed each other with a garden hose
                                        and the water caught sunlight so that we rinsed in
                                        showers of liquid rainbows.
                                        We ate banana and peanut butter sandwiches,
                                        played music and pretended to surf on the bed
                                        under sharp salty sweat air.



Ventura Breeze Publisher Sheldon Brown to Explain
How and Why He Founded the Newspaper
When He Addresses VCWC on August 13
His story proves you are never too old to start something new

(Ventura, CA – July 18, 2013) Ventura Breeze publisher Sheldon Brown will be the guest speaker at the Ventura County Writers Club August 13 meeting at the Pleasant Valley Senior Center in Camarillo at 7 PM. The meeting is free and open to the public.

Brown attended the University of Southern California’s School of Architecture. He became an architect and a general building contractor, and in 1968 opened a private practice. He is now retired from his practice.

On October 24, 2007, he and his daughter Staci started a local newspaper, Ventura Breeze, to keep Ventura County residents informed regarding community events, happenings, and news. In its sixth year, the Breeze has a distribution of 11,000 papers delivered to about 600 locations.

Brown will share why, without any prior knowledge of writing or of the newspaper business, he decided to start the paper and how he accomplished it. He will discuss the good things that he has learned and a few of the hard lessons. He will also talk about his belief that a person is never too old to do anything he wants to do.

Brown has lived in Ventura for 16 years; with his dog, Professor Scamp, for 12 years; with Savana the cat for three years; and with his wife of 25 years, Diana.. He has been an instructor at West LA College and Ventura College extension. He has also taught for Lake Arrowhead Parks and Recreation. He is an avid tennis player.

The evening’s presentation promises to be inspiring to all attending; no matter your age, it is good to be reminded that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

The evening’s opening act will be Shlomo Kritzer and Neal Shapiro reading selected stories they have written. At the beginning of the meeting, the club will elect new officers for it’s 80th year.


August Meeting of the Ventura County Writers Club
August 13, 2013
Pleasant Valley Senior Center,
1605 Burnley St., Camarillo, CA
Topic: How and Why I Started a Newspaper
Open to members and non-members. No fee.

For more information on the Ventura County Writers Club, visit:


There is a trend lately here in the United States toward appointing more and more Poets Laureate. They, of course, have been part of the academic scene for some time and part of the national scene since 1937 when Joseph Auslander was appointed the first Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress.
My question for the readers of this blog, whether followers or just passing through, is how you feel about municipalities appointing local Poets Laureate?
You can use the form below to respond or email your response to,
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