Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 200 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis


Let's move on to another of the ASKEW POETRY JOURNAL, Issue #14 poets. At this time I would like to present Tim Tipton. Tim is a unique younger voice in the Askew pantheon and is already making a name in the Southern California scene. His recent chapbook, "LATE NIGHT BREATHING" was the winner of the 2013 San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival Chapbook Contest. He read his poem "DIRTY WEEKEND" for the Askew event

Tim Tipton
Photo by, D.F. Baylis

                                                                            DIRTY WEEKEND

                                        I had a dirty weekend with a total stranger
                                        We stopped at a little bungalow by the sea
                                        that hummed to itself.
                                        We climbed up a jacaranda tree
                                        and sat in the branches until our hair was
                                        covered with purple buds.
                                        We climbed down and slithered through the mud,
                                        pretending to be seeds.
                                        We sprayed each other with a garden hose
                                        and the water caught sunlight so that we rinsed in
                                        showers of liquid rainbows.
                                        We ate banana and peanut butter sandwiches,
                                        played music and pretended to surf on the bed
                                        under sharp salty sweat air.


This makes a few times now that I've posted a question to the blogging community in general and gotten bupkus for responses. I have gone back and looked at the other times and I don't see them as inflammatory, personal, or even all that boggling. It has occurred to me, though, that we have, in our attempt to be as egalitarian as possible, given up any appearance of opinions. Really?
Granted, I know a lot of readers are new to creative writing and the blogging world is infested with the Politically Correct bug, but since when does this stop people from answering simple straight forward questions? Last night I posted one asking the public opinion about the trend towards appointing Poet Laureates by smaller municipalities and you would have thought I'd farted. There was nothing but the profoundest of silences.
Creativity is about having opinions! Some of them can be the touchy/feely drivel that pervades too many pages, and others can be the ones intended to incite. I grew up on the streets and there were times when the best part of a discussion was when things got hot. At least here you don't have to worry about explaining that black eye to your friends.
There are days I have intentionally TRIED to stir things up in this blog but received little or no response. Am I being too nice about it? Honest, you don't want to test that assumption. But you should at least step up and take a stance if you have the inclination. I assure you we can DISCUSS anything you wish, with something bordering on, if not entirely akin to, civility and pistols will only be issued if the seconds so determine there has been sufficient affront.
But if we don't pick the occasional fight then we will never get to the root causes of our differences. Nor will we ever be challenged to explore our personal creative ethos and that just leads to regurgitation of group think.The key is to be able to fight like prize fighters and not like alley cats. Realize when the point has been scored and concede the round. The match can continue as long as the parties involved have need. At least that way you get to keep both ears intact - unlike the felines in the comparison.
So...This is an open invitation to the Frigging World At Large! If you have a suggestion, comment, or flaming damned rant, I'm more than glad to have it sent over. Seriously, I think it would make the whole thing more interesting and definitely a good deal more fun than the yawning silences.
Just a little something from your Uncle Dane.
____________________________________________________________________________, love, write.
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