Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 263 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis



So yesterday's inquiry was as fruitless as the situation it was meant to help alleviate. I mean, really, not even some pointed sarcasm? But that's to be expected. I see it every time someone tries to enter into a serious analysis or critique of so much that passes as art, inquiry, or conviction. The crowd behaves the same way it did in middle school, all the toes of the shoes pushing imaginary dust around on the floor and the eyes avoiding even accidental contact.
I understand that it comes from the wish to avoid having to answer the original question for fear it may lead to more and deeper probing questions. But, if no one's noticed, it is discomfort and inquiry that leads to the production of the best of art. Anything else is interior decorating or more re-runs of Seinfeld.
It isn't until you look into your own heart and mind in such a way that the questions cause you to squirm and worry that you are on the true path to creation. Of course, there are the lovers of Thomas Kinkade, EL James, and Yani. Me, I prefer the likes of Camille Paglia, Pete Voulkos, and Frank Zappa. But personal tastes are nothing if you cannot incorporate them into your search for meaning in expression.

Too often, the only thing obvious in modern artists' endeavours is the need to kiss enough public ass, in a polite and unobtrusive way, to garner a paycheck commensurate with any other high-paid hooker. I'm sorry, was that harsh? Ah, well, suck it up.

There is a rampant tendency to equate the praise garnered on this digital podium with validation, when it is more a case of wanting to appear as trendy as possible. The horror is that the recipients can't get past that communal fawning. It really is enough to make me glad I've never been anybody's icon. Mind you, I've had my successes, none of which I'd trade, but they have always caused me to question even more stringently the things I espouse and the audience's perception and admiration. (Frequently at the inconvenient moment when they would most want to bow before what they perceive as talent.)

Is this the way I prefer to be viewed? The quick and dirty to that is, YES. It minimizes the bullshit back and forth and keeps the fakes at bay. It also reduces the amount of time I have to spend dissuading the sycophantic types in the crowd. I write what I feel and believe, not what I think you might really like to read. If we share a bit of time in the course of that, great. If you actually get it, even better. If you're just fucking dumbfounded and would rather not get into it with me, see you later.

You might say, that's my alternative to a manifesto. If you got it, good. If you didn't - and want to go into it, get in touch. If you don't give a damn, well, me, too. Have a nice day.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write, and allow the room for some real discomfort.

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