Thursday, May 2, 2013

The 116 Day of the 365 Days of Blogging

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The power of presence is not to be underestimated. If you want the reader to feel the emotion of what it is you're writing in poetry, then you have to make the reader feel as if you have brought them in to your most intimate of moments. You can describe the house to them, but everything is covered in ugly plastic slip covers they won't get the feel.
Again it is the old saw of "Show Don't Tell". All the clever exposition in the world will do absolutely nothing in the world emotionally. It becomes a not so clever stage show that they're invited to watch but not participate in. You have to make it an experience that you invite the audience into with the trust that what they are about to take part in is as unfiltered and close to your heart as you can make it. Anything else is like one of those lame comedies about male inability to commit. The audience just knows you'll never say those three little words...and I don't mean, "Oh, please again!" Although, if you've done your job they should be saying just that.
The same applies to fiction. The reader needs to feel a part of the story. This may only be as a passive observer in the background, but if you bring them in then they are more likely to hang around or even come back for more visits...Like your annoying Aunt Ruth who had just such a splendid time last Christmas.
The difference in fiction id that you have to make your character the focus of the story and not your ability to relate the tale. A great rock band is one that writes lyrics that their fans can own. You have to write stories that your fans...Come on, you know you're having that daydream...can own. So get out of the way and let the story be the focus and not your clever literary abilities., love, write.
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