Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 138 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis


1. I am a believer in the never ending process of learning. In that cause I would like to put out an invitation to poets living in the Ventura, California area. Wednesday nights, for the next five weeks, at 7 PM in Ventura at the Vita Art Center, 432 North Ventura Avenue, there will be an ongoing poetry workshop. This is a great opportunity to sharpen your craft and gather with other writers in the pursuit of excellence.


It's Been One Of Those Weeks! So Instead Of Profound Or Sarcastic I'm Just Going To Stick With Helpful Hints.

Why was it I quit drinking?


I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with K.M. Weiland , but there's a link for you that's worth a click. Author, blogger, speaker, teacher...a load of helpful FREE stuff. If nothing else she  has a Writer's Manifesto that is a one page printout that I have smack above my monitor so that it is completely unavoidable. Great reminder of who you are and what you're doing if you're a writer. Check it out!
 Another terrific source of information, instruction, and writerly wisdom can be found at Writer Unboxed, the brainchild of Kathleen Bolton and Therese Walsh. There are tons of articles by the regular contributors. Interview upon interview with writers and industry movers and shakers, and a stunning list of other blogs in their blogtopia section. My only caveat with this site is that you can spend far more time in there than is healthy if you're trying to maintain a daily word count or page quota.

If you're just looking for a little something inspirational, try THIRTY INDISPENSABLE WRITING TIPS FROM FAMOUS AUTHORS. Hey, if you're reading a world renowned crackpot like me, you might as well take a break and check out the men and women who supposedly knew what they were saying. As a painter friend of mine once told me, "Melvin, if you do this crap long enough, someone will have the balls to call you a master." It's actually worth a look in that it's pretty much short bits of wisdom that are sound byte digestible.

Last, but far from least, for those times when you need a little protection! (Carol Anne...What are you thinking???!!!) Not that kind, silly, this kind, U.S. Copyright Office. Let's face it, we all have need of that little symbol...(Don't think so? E-mail me and I can tell you my personal horror story involving a major producer of motion pictures who won't necessarily remain unnamed).

So, there you have it. That ought to be enough to keep you busy for anywhere from twenty seconds to several days, depending on how well you're reacting to those A.D.D. medications. Love to hear about your helpful, entertaining, or just damned cool sites...I'm always looking for another way to procrastinate three or four hundred words off my daily totals!, love, write!

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