Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 364 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author/publisher,
Dane F. Baylis


That's right ladies and gents, tomorrow is the last day of 365 consecutive days of blogging. Yes, I'm looking forward to it. Will I miss it? That really remains to be seen. What will I do as a replacement?
First of all, this blog isn't going to just self-destruct. Yes, I am still planning to move over to a WordPress format on another server, but that's only a transition, not an ending. In the meantime, I will continue posting through BlogSpot until I have the other up and running, and probably until I work the bugs and glitches out of my new home. So, despite all of those sighs of relief I heard being released around the globe, I'm still going to be here, just not as frequently.
As for what I'll do to replace my daily appearances? Well, I'll be posting every three or four days after this. I'm also looking into opening a Pinterest account and maybe going as far as setting up another page on Linked-In. There will be more photography, sketches, and paintings being presented, some of it for sale, some of it just for...
Other than that, I am looking forward to openings. Opening good books of fiction and poetry. Opening texts and technical manuals. Opening sketchbooks and paint boxes. Opening music books and guitar cases. Mostly, I'm looking forward to opening up new areas of discovery and endeavor.
I have my brand new publishing imprint, Dane F. Baylis Publications to nurture along. I have begun expanding my services and capabilities in that arena. I still have my studies in Jodo Shinshu Buddhism and am looking at possibility entering the Minister's Assistant program, and there's always my own writing to tend to.
To think that, just over a year ago, I was wondering what the hell to do with a blog. Now it seems as if I've always done this very thing. I have a Twitter account and Facebook and more attention than I can handle at times. In the brick and mortar world I have found myself ever more involved with artists, writers, publishers, and their audience. The more involved I find myself, the more I see a need to devote a sizable portion of this daily time to other projects.
Tomorrow I'll release the final numbers of blog visits to this site and let you have my new schedule. It's been a hell of a journey and I appreciate every time someone has stopped by and given things a read or left a comment.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, love, write.
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