Thursday, January 2, 2014

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Hindsight - something I generally don't indulge in openly. Too many times it's of a personal nature and comes off as self-piteous crap. You know, "If only I'd done this instead of that." OR "If someone had only warned me about________." Go ahead, fill in the blank and make my second sentence prophetic.
I prefer sticking to the non-personal, the global observations. For instance, despite what the super wealthy kept promising about the importance of massive tax breaks for them and the effect these would have on the economy, over 95% of the rise in personal wealth went to the top 1% of the American population. Income for the middle and lower income brackets continued to decline.
Despite the horrific predictions and its rocky start, the Affordable Care Act is gaining popularity and isn't rife with the consequences the far right wing warned about. As a matter of fact, a large part of the system's early problems were in denial of service attacks that were being launched by the conservative doom-sayers. Doctors haven't fled the country, hospitals haven't spontaneously combusted, and, for the first time since universal, one payer health care was proposed in this nation, it might just happen.
Speaking of the far right - you know, The Tea Party and the lunatic fringe hiding behind them, the ones being financed by the billionaires who were the sole beneficiaries of all those tax cuts mentioned earlier. What happened to their stranglehold on the Republican Party? The simplest answer to that is the American people finally wised up to what a bunch of under educated, no neck bigots they really are. It doesn't take much exposure to figure out that the Bachman's, Cruz's, Cantor's, et al, aren't as smart as the average sixth grader and are seriously out of touch with the majority of the population. This isn't to say that the other side doesn't have its share of mental midgets, they just don't let them run their own sideshow.
Oh, what ever happened to that vast pool of literary talent the miracle of self-publishing was going to reveal? If you've sampled any amount of these freshman debuts, you know they were drowned in an overwhelming sea of shit. Just because you can publish your own writing, doesn't mean you should. But then again, the ego quite often knows not the depths to which it can drag its owner.
I have never seen so much poorly considered, clumsily crafted, less than mediocre drivel in my entire life! We are being consumed by words for the sake of words. Emotionless, unsympathetic, and mundane are really 'way too kind a list of descriptors for this vomit. You have people who want to talk to you about suffering, danger, love, and loss that haven't experienced the imposition of a missing set of car keys or more personal discomfort than having their teeth cleaned. I'm not saying you have to be a depraved son-of-a-bitch to write effectively. But it doesn't hurt.
Lastly, to all you conspiracy theorists, those among the general public, those with media outlets for their end of the world rants, and those playing the role while holding public office. Get the fuck over it! There was no Kennedy plot, Nixon did screw up, and the Gipper is not a damned deity. (Hell, he wasn't even a good actor.) Quit looking for the alien invasion, the New World Order, and the universal health care "death panels". Drop all that bullshit and get down to the job you were elected for - not screwing anything up too badly during your term in office. If you could do just that small thing, we'd all be better off!

Just a little rant from your Uncle Dane.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a little closer to the edge, love in free fall, write (but not before you read a whole lot more by recognized authors of quality. REALLY!)
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