Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 108 of the 365 Days of Blogging

The author, Dane F. Baylis


An Homage To Enduring Talent


On this Wednesday last, April 17th, 2013, Ventura County, California adopted a custom of long standing in the nation of Japan. That custom is the recognition and honoring of artists whose careers span a remarkable period of time, and whose talent has had a significant and lasting effect as treasures of their community. The unusual aspect of this naming of treasures was that it was bequeathed on not one, but four outstanding women. In alphabetic order: Polly Bee, Elnora McNaughton, Joyce La Mers, and Doris Vernon were declared Literary Treasures of Ventura County, California.
These four women share a poetic and literary background that spans decades. Each is a very unique and talented person, with voices diverse and wonderful. They have been leaders in the Ventura, California writing community for so long that you would be very hard pressed to meet anyone who writes as vocation, avocation, or hobby anywhere in the county who does not recognize and admire their work.
In addition to several certificates awarded to them by local, state, and federal dignitaries, a limited edition press run of a collection of works by all four poets was produced by Tree Bernstein of Tree House Press. The book is entitled 'DEFYING GRAVITY'. Availability of this work can be determined by contacting Tree House Press, P.O. Box 1144, Ojai, California, or on-line at
As a writer who has known two of these women for almost two decades, I can only say CHEERS!, love, write.
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