Sunday, December 2, 2012

The author, Dane F. Baylis

Plot Writers Workshop and Lessons

Hi there. Been very busy over the last few days. Sent off a short fiction manuscript entitled No Humans Involved to the Antioch Review. Yes, you heard right. I know, talk about lofty goals, but I figure if you start at the top you might not have to descend too far before you find your spot. Where as if you start at the bottom you just might end up settling way sooner than you really are capable of just because someone offers you publication or a paycheck.

Just finished the rough in for a really dark piece involving cyber-bullying and schizophrenia and have gotten most of the first typed draft completed. I have a tendency to write a lot like I approached photography. You start out by over lighting the living hell out of whatever your trying to illustrate then begin paring down. Removing a light at a time and allowing things to recede and leave room for the imagination. The hope is to get to the point where the spotlight shines on that amount of what you are presenting in such a way and with such intensity that to go above or below that is too much and detracts from the final product. Tentatively this one is entitled Vincent.

Lastly, I want to refocus some attention on the Plot Writing Month web site. I have been working my way through this program for just the last couple of days and I am already impressed. Whether you have a project in the works or just want to hone your craft I feel this is something that will really aid you. I have been applying it to a nascent thriller (Resist!) I have been developing for a couple of months and already can say that the materials being presented have helped sharpen my focus and clarify my vision. This site is one that offers its own content and links to other sites. Yes, like anyone else, the owner and developer has things to sell, but the amount of material being offered for free is quite impressive and worth a look. I am also adding a link to the site in Procrastination Lane, my link list for future reference. Remember what Yoda said, "Do or Do Not! There is no Try!"

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